Panbil Industrial Estate


Panbil Group

Panbil Group is a project development, comprising 200 hectars of prime land on BatamIsland. It is a state of the art, completely integrated and self-contained industrial township concept specially created to enable the investor to make the very most of their investment in Batam, Indonesia.

Investment Opportunities

Focusing investment potential in the Panbil Industrial Area, emphasizing a sophisticated, fully integrated, and self-sufficient industrial city concept.

Strategic Location

Emphasizing the strategic location of the area in the heart of Batam city, a well-established special economic zone, and a Free Trade Zone, close to Singapore, Malaysia, and the ASEAN region.

Value Proposition

Integrating comprehensive infrastructure and utilities, including power generation, treated water, waste processing, and telecommunications, to attract investors seeking world-class manufacturing facilities.

Market Potential

Providing growth and property profit potential from domestic to international markets.